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    “I had Panic attacks, I couldn’t sleep, I was waking up every morning with irritability and anxiety. I was making wrong decisions at work. I did not have motivation, and I needed that motivation! I have a family to provide for. I needed energy to make the day, the week. I took some medication, but I knew long term it wasn’t the best situation for me. I finally took the chance for Hypnotherapy. Then I met Yoli and my life changed in the fourth session. It’s that “reprogramming the brain,” the mind, and the subconscious is a real thing! Yoli, thanks again.” 

                                        —Bruce, 59

                            “My son had nightmares and he couldn’t sleep, crying everyday. I took him to a doctor who prescribed medication and they made his sleep worse. I looked for information and I found hypnotherapy and I researched about it. I found a few places, but Yoli had worked with children for more than 27 years. She helped my son, and gave him strategies that helped him immensely!”

    —Maddie, 37

    “My grandma made the appointment for me. That got me upset because I thought the whole hypnotherapy thing was going to be weird. I struggled with self-esteem problems at school and I didn’t even want to go back to my classes anymore. I often came home from school with both stomach aches and headaches. When I met Yoli, she was so much fun! She guided me through the process, and during my sessions I could answer and hear everything that was going on, but I noticed I was in a trance.  After three sessions my stomach pain was gone, no more headaches, and at school I made three new friends. I’m glad I did it! Two of my friends come for sessions with Yoli.”

    — Lucy, 14

    “I was smoking for 20 years. My friend referred me to Yoli, but I doubted I could be helped. Yoli was very optimistic, and the first session she taught me strategies that changed the mental programming I had for many years. By the second session, Voila! I don’t how it happened, but my mind wasn’t the same as before. I had some type of mental power now! I don’t smoke anymore, my skin improved, and I can breath better, etc. “

    -Dave, H.

    “Just after three sessions with Yoli, I was amazed at the outcome. I no longer have fears of closed spaces and I feel much calmer. I am finally a more confident person who is able to travel. I traveled to Peru and was sitting in crowded cars, buses, and trains with no anxiety! I did what Yoli told me to do and it calmed me down in the middle of the chaos I was in. My family and I were all excited!”

    — Mary, 45

    “Before working with Yoli, I could not control my temper. I was always agitated. Hypnotherapy made it possible for me to learn how to control my behavior and emotions. Looking back, I wonder how it was ever possible to have make the change that I did. Now I have a new type of life and my family is happy, too.”

    — Ron, 28

    “Yoli helped me with self hypnosis. She taught me to ease my headaches and stomach aches. I can now concentrate better with school, friends, and family. Thank you Yoli!”

    — Chris, 15

    “For many years, I knew about my bad habits, but I didn’t want to accept them or change them. Yoli showed me the reason I have them and why I wasn’t able to change them. Today, I have new good habits that bring to my daily life a new perspective, that life is not bad after all. I will always be grateful to Yoli.”

    — Bryan, 37

    “Yoli takes time with you, and with everyone individually. You feel, as if in that moment that you are with her, you are her only concern in the world. She helped me tremendously with my anxiety, because being a single mother with so much responsibility I needed help. I now know how to better manage my stress. At the end of the day I can literally smile! Thank you Yoli!”

    — Brenda, 35

    “Yoli is a healer. She knows different modalities to help people, and Hypnotherapy is one of them. She is a professional at what she does. She applies her knowledge well. I had arthritis pain and she helped me to reprogram my subconscious mind. I can say that I was reprogrammed. The pain is not chronic anymore. Amazing what the brain can do for you! I know now she is a healer. Yoli says she is a hypnotherapist.”

    — Shanna, 65

    “I was extremely stressed. Coping with pain for years, fibromyalgia hasn’t let me enjoy my grandchildren. I realized how well I could sleep after the second session. Yoli always surprises you with something new that makes you improve in every session. The third session came and I couldn’t believe how much I learned, and I felt great!”

    —Lisa, 45  

    Yoli knows how to work with children. My daughter suddenly have learning  problems with math to the point of nor wanted to go school anymore. Yoli help to find the cause and improve her confidence. She thinks something new happened to her brain, how can she like math so much!”

    Josh, 41

    “After my hypnotherapy sessions last year with Yoli I began to breath better. I began to be patient with myself, but the main  reason for my hypnotherapy was to be able to sleep. Sleep is a precious camaraderie. I had better memory, focus, and I truly noticed my energy going to the roof! I came back for a tune up. I love the feeling of Hypnosis.” 

    —Lorenzi, 28