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    PTSD: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

    Most people will experience some type of traumatic event at some points in their lives. With PTSD however the person has not been able to process the traumatic event, and the brain’s  natural processes is disrupted. When situations arise in  the future that remind a person of the original trauma, the fight, flight, freeze response can be triggered unnecessarily. With this emphasis on physical and mental relaxation hypnotherapy can be highly effective intervention.

    Hypnotherapy works with the person conscious and subconscious minds to bring out emotional and behavioral change. It has been found to be effective when helping with issues such as anxiety, phobias, all related to  post traumatic stress disorder.

    One of the tools available to the hypnotherapist is memory regression. While under relaxation, memories can be recalled with professional care, and performed only with an experience hypnotherapist, and with special protocols customized to the person in  need.

    Once the traumatic memory is accessed in regression, fear, anxieties and phobias  can be modified, and restructured, by allowing the person to bring new resources to the original event.