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  • How Hypnotherapy Can Help With Challenging Emotional Issues

    Hypnotherapy uses relaxation techniques followed by hypnotic suggestions to help patients faster and effective to make the changes they desire and need.

    Many studies showed that patients experienced improvement in their quality of life when they come to hypnotherapy to reduce physical pain.

    When a person is in hypnotic state, they are more open to respond to suggestions, this makes it possible to help them with certain conditions such as smocking, insomnia, overeating, forgetting a bad relationship, improving talents, overeating and more. All of these changes improved the quality of life. Must people after hypnotherapy claimed to be in a better path and having clarity of mind to make good quality and positive choices.

    Historically, people battling post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) have been given medication to help alleviate unwanted and unpleasant symptoms.

    Hypnotherapy has proven relief with Trauma symptoms to some active duty service members battling PTSD to reduce, or even eliminate their need of psychotropic medications and to better control their often-debilitating symptoms.

    This is great news for service men and women, and anyone who is battling PTSD. Not only can hypnosis help to calm your nerves and rewire your brain, it can also reduce the risk of developing negative side effects to many psychotropic medications used to treat PTSD and anxiety disorders. Beyond memory loss and erectile dysfunction, one of the biggest side effects of these medications is depression. That’s the last thing a person suffering from PTSD needs.

    Yoli teaches Self Hypnosis to her clients after they have completed their sessions, and had learn basic principles of hypnosis.

    If you are suffering from the effects of trauma and would like to find out an exit, have a free consultation, here are some steps you can take to get started:

    Be Open Minded

    Hypnotherapy is a safe complementary and alternative medical treatment. But you would be amazed at the high number of people receiving hypnotherapy. If you tend to be a skeptical person, try to have an open mind and come to your first session, normally will take at least three. Typical therapy needs at least hundred session or more. this means, you save money and time.

    If you or a loved one are suffering from trauma symptoms and you have tried many options, try Timpanogos Hypnotherapy I’d be happy to discuss the options that would work best for you.

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